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Simon helps New Zealand businesses thrive through smart, impactful and effective marketing. He has a no nonsense, straight forward approach, developed as a result of 15 years experience gained in New Zealand, Australia and the UK working for companies such as Telecom, O2, Microsoft and BP. He’s successfully developed and launched a wide range of products and services, significantly grown customer bases, developed brand strategies, and executed a wide range of communications. His work has included large scale TV campaigns right through to small sales promotions and everything in between. He has a broad skill set, and a constant eye for a commercial outcome.


Phone: 0800 486 566
Mobile: +64 27 819 4626


October 17, 2017 in Digital marketing, Marketing, Marketing planning

Making the most of a new website project

Website projects have a funny way of starting off as an exciting new step forward for your business but can quickly turn into a nightmare, time-consuming headache. For most, the…
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August 21, 2017 in Advertising, Marketing, Marketing planning

Mixing Art and Science

Mixing Art and Science It's one of the most common functions used within business, yet most of the people talking about it don’t understand it... ‘Marketing'. As a business that…
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July 6, 2017 in Marketing


**UPDATE: Since sharing this article through our social channels we have seen a great response from fellow marketers and business owners. The 'nonovators' have now changed most of the similar copy on…
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May 30, 2017 in Digital marketing, Marketing, Relationship marketing

Getting To Know Your Customers

Getting To Know Your Customers To provide the most effective customer service to your customers, it’s absolutely necessary that you understand them, i.e., know them individually.  The availability of online…
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