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The All Blacks are the best in the business for two reasons:

1. They have an incredible game plan,
2. They use incredible people.

Tim Hansen (no relation to Steve (but still incredible)).

A Creative Marketer with fifteen years experience across a number of disciplines and industries.  With a fantastic mix of story telling, advertising and strategic thinking, Tim connects with audiences across multiple platforms on a global scale.

His career has taken him throughout New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom, working with companies such as Sky Television, Telecom New Zealand, Best Bars, The Nine Network and Disney International.

Tim’s ability to think outside the box and provide creative and objective marketing solutions is an invaluable asset.  He takes a lot of pride in sharing success with his clients by providing well thought out, practical and measurable marketing actions.

Wherever Tim goes, he always brings a positive attitude and an infectious sense of humour.


Mobile: +64 21 66 22 12

Email: tim.hansen@volom.com


December 6, 2016 in Digital marketing, Marketing, Mike Fleming, Uncategorized

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