“What’s the use of running if you are not on the right road.”

Melissa is a senior marketer with over 15 years’ strategic experience developing and executing integrated marketing plans for both large corporations and independent brands across multiple sectors.
Whether it’s managing key projects or helping shape your strategic vision, Melissa’s approach is about adding value efficiently and achieving return on investment. As well as having experience in traditional marketing methods, Melissa also has specialised knowledge on using some of the new media channels to interact and convert customers into buyers, building brand awareness and long term engagement.



Phone: 0800 486 566
Mobile: 021 444 781
Email: melissa@volom.com


December 6, 2016 in Digital marketing, Marketing, Mike Fleming, Uncategorized

7 website mistakes that are hurting your business

7 website mistakes that are hurting your business Woohoo, your website is up and running. Maybe it has been burning a trail on the information superhighway since ages ago. But…

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May 30, 2017 in Digital marketing, Marketing, Relationship marketing

Getting To Know Your Customers

Getting To Know Your Customers To provide the most effective customer service to your customers, it’s absolutely necessary that you understand them, i.e., know them individually.  The availability of online... Read More
October 27, 2016 in Brand Strategy, Jason Willis, Marketing, Uncategorized

Brand Building for Small Business

I’m going to attempt to talk about brand without using any of the usual marketing phrases and buzzwords that go with it. Stay with me and let’s remove a little…

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October 4, 2016 in Digital marketing, Marketing, Marketing planning, Mike Fleming, Relationship marketing, Social Media marketing

5 Reasons Why Your Competitors Are Better Than You (but only if they read this)

5 reasons why your competitors are better than you (but only if they read this) The internet has changed the business world. The barriers to entry that used to exist…

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